Frequently Asked Questions!

Here at Aberdeen House Clearance are Motto is simple. Make everything as easy as possible. That’s why we think it’s important to have as many of your questions answered before you even need to ask us!

We have drafted up our Top Frequently asked questions in the hope that it makes your life easier when it comes to choosing us to do your House Clearance.

  1. What size of vans do we use?
    • We use 3.5 ton Luton Box vans. Commonly used in the House Removal industry. This allows us to get to the more remote areas were big wagons struggle with. We also don’t sign write are van either, we don’t believe in shouting out our brand while onsite. Our customers know and trust us. This also allows to keep things discreet. As some customers don’t want people knowing there is a house clearance company at the property.
    • Here are examples of some of our Fleet.
  2.  Is it possible for you to collect the Keys from someone else?
    • Absolutely! We know it can sometimes be difficult to get to the property yourself. We are happy to collect the keys from anyone you trust. This includes Solicitors, Estate agents or even tenants.  Just ask us when you speak with our Booking team.
  3.  Do You Disconnect All Appliances/ White goods?
    • Yes. We prefer to disconnect all the appliances ourselves as long as they are a standard fitting. This includes un-plumbing washing machines and disconnecting gas appliances from the gas mains.
  4.  Can we supply you with photos before you arrive?
    • Again Yes! We prefer if you took us some photos before we attend site. This means we will be able to quote you correctly. We can even supply you with some photo’s after we have completed the job if you wish!
  5. What happens with everything you remove from the House?
    • We donate to charity and Recycle as much as we can and are very proud of our 99% recycling rate we have achieved meaning only 1% goes to landfill.
  6. How do you take payment?
    • We only take payment once the job is completed and your happy to sign off our work. We accept all kind of main street cards including credit cards with no additional charges. We carry a mobile card machine so we can take payment onsite or over the phone which ever is easier for you. We also accept cash and cheque and always give a full receipt on full payments.
  7. Why do you not charge VAT on your quotes/Invoices?
    • Answer to that one is simple. We are not VAT registered. As a company you need to turn over £81000 before you can to charge VAT. Because we are a small business and don’t make that in a financial year we can pass that 20% saving onto you! All of our quotes are worked out very simply. Cover the cost of the loads and make a very small profit for ourselves. We don’t want to be another company who aim too high forgetting to look after our customers.
  8. Do our staff wear a Uniform?
    • All of Our staff are given a company issued Uniform! This makes it easier to identify us on a job.
  9. Can you Clean the property once you’re finished clearing?
    • Yes we offer a general cleaning service which is available upon requests. Terms and conditions do apply*



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